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CSR News
Perta Samtan Gas Gave Donations to Build a Musholla and Tahfiz & Dhuafa House
PRABUMULIH – A form of company concern, PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PS Gas) to the surrounding community. PS GAS gave a number of donations in the form of assistance to build ...
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Perta Samtan Gas Distributes 2 Units of House Repair Program, 3 Scholarships, and Mosque Assistance
PRABUMULIH – The contribution of PT Perta Samtan Gas (PS Gas) to the City of Nanas and the residents around the area closest to the company is not in doubt ...
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After the First Harvest, Koppaja Holds Aloe Vera Product Development Training
Prabumulih – Koppaja (Panggul Jawa Youth Community) and Karang Taruna (Youth Organizations) Pangkul Jawa Village held training in making Aloe vera soap. This activity is a series of CSR programs ...
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Perta Samtan Gas provide face masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and basic food packages to medical personnel and the community
Prabumulih – As a support and contribution of the company against Covid 19 in the Prabumulih City, PT Pertamina Gas distributed 1500 face masks, 150 PPE in the form of ...
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PSGAS Encourages Ecological Tourism in Pangkul Village
Prabumulih – The commitment of PT Perta Samtan Gas (PSGas) to the community development and the environmental conservation is getting stronger. One of its commitment is by running a number ...
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