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National Seminar at Jambi University
Jambi, PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PSGAS) participated in a National Seminar at Jambi University, Vice President Director (VPD) of PSGAS Mr. Aris Mahendrawanto was the speaker with the theme Chemical Effort ...
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Understanding Biodiversity
Biodiversity is a complex unity of life in a certain region, above the surface of the earth. its discussion term covering all life forms, which can be scientifically grouped according ...
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Steps to Build a Safety Culture
Building SAFETY Culture in the work area is a continuous process, it requires the support of all the lines. A positive attitude in developing Workplace Safety and Health (K3) will ...
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PSGAS Energy Saving
PT Perta Samtan Gas– Extraction Plant is one of the production refineries processing Natural Gas into Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) products as raw material for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and ...
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Family Gathering 2017
Palembang – Entering the age of 9 years on May 07, 2017 PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PSGAS) carried out Family Gathering attended by good employees in Sungai Gerong and Prabumulih, located ...
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Taxpayer Award in Tax Year 2017
PT Perta-Samtan Gas receives an award of large taxpayers from the Regional Office of Directorate General of Taxes South Sumatra & Kep. Babel in Tax Year 2017 ...
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Patra Nirbhaya Karya Madya 2017
Patra Nirbaya Karya Madya Award from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Republic of Indonesia in August 29, 2017 for the Company achievement on Safety Work (10,140,780 hours without ...
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Head of North Prabumulilh Districts Award
Head of North Prabumulilh Distric awarded PT Perta-Samtan Gas for conducting environmental management based on quality standards in North Prabumulilh Districts ...
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Prabumulih Mayor Award
Prabumulih Mayor awarded PT Perta-Samtan Gas for managing trash in Prabumulih City ...
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Revenue, Financial Management, and Regional Assets Agency of Prabumulih City Award ...
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ISRS8 Certificate Level 5 with Scope of Assessment : HSEQ & PSM
PT Perta-Samtan Gas was awarded for the achievement of ISRS8 Level 5 with assessment scope : Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality and Prosess Safety Management (HSEQ &PSM) ...
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Management System as per ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
PT Perta-Samtan Gas was certified by TUV Nord Indonesia for applying a management system in line with ISO 14001 : 2015 for Production of Mix LPG and Condensate ...
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KAN Certificate 2016
Certificate from the National Accreditation Committee (KAN) on Laboratory Test Results of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), On September 21, 2016 ...
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