PT Perta Samtan Gas | Perta Samtan Gas provide face masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and basic food packages to medical personnel and the community
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Perta Samtan Gas provide face masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and basic food packages to medical personnel and the community

Prabumulih – As a support and contribution of the company against Covid 19 in the Prabumulih City, PT Pertamina Gas distributed 1500 face masks, 150 PPE in the form of Hazmat disposal along with Google for health workers given directly to the Director of Prabumulih General Hospital (RSUD) Dr. Hj Hesti Widyanigsih Mars, Hesti said that until now RSUD still needs PPE as a referral hospital in handling Covid 19 in Prabumulih.

PT Perta Samtan Gas also distributed basic food packages to the people around the refinery, symbolically given to the Head of Anak Petai Village, Fenti Marlina S.Si, as many as 100 packages of groceries and 50 packages of basic necessities to the community on the pipeline given directly to the affected community, Figure of the Lembak community, Bob Permana, expressed his deep gratitude to the company for providing basic food packages to the Lembak community, the assistance will be given to the needy.

Assistance is given to people who cannot afford a number of basic food packages consisting of rice, instant noodles, flour, oil, coffee and other basic necessities which are expected to help the community when the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing even though currently Prabumulih has entered the Green zone.

Lurah Anak Petai Fenti conveyed that this basic food package assistance program is certainly very helpful for the community to ease the difficult burden during the Covid 19 pandemic, representing the community from the Anak Petai Village, we are very grateful to PT Perta Samtan Gas caring for the people around its operational area during this pandemic period, not only the basic food packages were given. The company also spray disinfectant in the Petai area and distribute face masks.

GM Operation Nurjali through the External Relations of Perta Samtan Gas, Harry Maradona, said that this activity was a proof of the company’s social care to the community in its operating area, so the community feels helped by the company.

This activity is expected to be right on target and beneficial to the community, and the company through its CSR program will always provide the best programs and activities that are directly beneficial to the community.