PT Perta Samtan Gas | Production Flow
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Production Flow

PSGAS Process Summary

Perta Samtan Gas is designed to extract the optimum amount of natural gas liquids from a combination of gas sources at 250 MMscfd capacity available at the existing SKG-10 Prabumulih Barat gas metering station. An NGL Extraction Plant, which is located adjacent to the SKG-10 metering station, provides the means for extracting the natural gas liquids from the pipeline gases. Following extraction, lean (residue) gas is returned to the metering station and extracted liquids is transferred to a Fractionation plant which is located in the Pertamina Plaju / Sungai Gerong refinery, designation RU III at Palembang. A buried pipeline approximately 89.6kms in length transports the liquids to the refinery. At the refinery the liquid is fractionated and stored with ship loading facilities installed at an existing Jetty and transfer by pipe line to Dom Gas which is located at Plaju.

Metering Station (SKG-10)

The feed gas supplied to the NGL Extraction Plant is taken from two existing pipelines located in the adjacent SKG-10 gas metering station which are (1) 28″ Feed Gas Pipeline from SKG PPGS Benuang terminating at its pig receiver and (2)  20″ Feed Gas from SKG Musi terminating at its pig receiver. The feed gas  is transferred to vertical type Inlet Slug Catcher to separate free condensate and water from pipeline gases. The seperated feed gas as vapor is transfered to feed gas metering to measure actual feed gas volume and gas composition. The lean gas which comes from extraction plant is transferred to lean gas  metering at SKG-10 to measure actual lean gas volume and gas composition.

NGL Extraction Process

The NGL extraction plant provide the means to extract NGL from gas pipeline. Extraction lean (residue) Methane gas (C1) and Ethane (C2) with the De-Ethanizer returned to the metering gas station and NGL extraction (Propane/C3, Butane/C4, Condensate/C5+) are transferred to the Fractionation plant that located in Refinery Unit III Pertamina Plaju/ Sungai Gerong, Banyuasin. NGL Extraction Plant in Prabumulih is designed to be self-sufficient by necessity in the provision of all utility systems, one and only across the line system, being feed gas supplier, back to lean gas, NGL pipelines, and has gas power generator facilities with capacity of 3×725 kW and 1 unit emergency diesel generator with a capacity of 537 kW. NGL Extraction Plant in Prabumulih located next to PEP-SBS gas metering station SKG-10, provides facilities to extract NGL from gas pipeline from PEP gas field in South Sumatra. The exhaust Methane (C1) and Ethane (C2) gases from De-Ethanizer process returned as a gas to gas metering station, whereas Propane/C3, Butane/C4, Condensate/C5+ is transferred to the Fractionation Refinery located in Refinery Unit III Sungai Gerong in Palembang by NGL pipelines size 8 inches 90 km long.

* Main Equipment

1. COMPRESSION SYSTEM   The Compression System is to increase natural feed gas pressure
The Compression System is to increase feed gas pressure to get the pressure for DHU requirement and increase lean gas pressure to get the pressure for entering gas netwerk SBS area
  1.1 Feed Gas Compressor : – Compressing feed gas (400 psig to 750 psig)
  1.2 Lean Gas Compressor : – Compressing lean gas (250 psig to 550 psig)
2. DEHYDRATION SYSTEM   De-Hydration system is located downstream feed gas compression system prior feed gas entering cold process system (NGL Recovery System). Molecular Sieve adsorbent bed is used to treates feed gas to remove hydrate in gas before entering NGL Recovery System.
  2.1 Dehydration Unit : The dehydration units is consisted of 3×100% molecular sieve Dehydration Vessels (Absorption Step & Regeneration Step)
3. NGL RECOVERY STSTEM   The core of the extraction plant is the self-refrigerating cryogenic-like facilities. The feed gas after treatment to remove hydrate at Dehydration System passes through two parallel heat exchangers, the Gas-Liquid Exchanger and the Feed/Resuidue Gas Exchanger to cool and partially condenses the feed gas
  3.1 Exchanger : Heat exchanging between dry feed gas & extream low temp’ gas circulated with other recovery processes
  3.2 Expander & Compressor : Process to decrease extreamly feed gas temperature from -35F to -125F
  3.3 Deethanizer Column : Separating process Lean Gas and NGL connected with cryogenic unit(exchangers & expander)

Fractionation Plant Process

At the Fractionation Plant, NGL will be purified through De-Propanizer chamber to become Pure Propane (C3) and De-Butanizer chamber to become Butane (C4) and then mixed by static mixers, known as Mixed Liquid Petroleum Gas (Mixed LPG) stored in the storage tank 2×1.000 MT and 2×2.000 MT capacity and Condensate (C5+) are stored in a storage tank with capacity of 25,000 Barrel and transferred through a 1.2 km long pipeline to the ship unloading facility at the existing dock and 4,2 km long Mix LPG pipeline to Pulau Layang (Gasdom) for stocking needs of Southern Sumatra (Palembang, Jambi, Bengkulu, Lampung, Bangka Belitung). At the Fractionation Plant in Banyuasin, certain utilities system such as electricity supplied by Refinery Unit III PT Pertamina (Persero) with a capacity of 900 kW equipped with two (2) units of 6.6 kV transformers. Products from the LPG refinery is mixed LPG. NGL is processed through the De-Propanizer and De-Butanizer column to be a pure Propane (C3) and Butane (C4). Mixed LPG then kept stored in the storage tank 2×1.000 MT and 2×2.000 MT capacity, while condensate (C5+) are stored in a condensate storage tank 25,000 Barrel capacity. The LPG products are transferred through a 1.2 kilometer long pipeline in the Jetty – 1 to be sent outside Palembang, while for Palembang demands sent through 4.2 km pipelines to Pulau Layang (Gasdom), for Palembang, Jambi, Bengkulu, Lampung and Bangka Belitung.

* Main Equipment

1. FRACTIONATION SYSTEM   Fractionation System is intended to produce propane and mixed LPG separately. This system comprises of the following main process comprises of the following main process
  1.1 Depropanizer : Fractionation of propane(C3) from NGL
  1.2 Debutanizer : Fractionation of butane(C4) and condensate(C5+) from residual liquid from depropanizer
  1.3 Static Mixer : Mixing the propane and butane then transferring to LPG tank
2. STORAGE & LOADING SYSTEM The products processed is stored to each LPG tank and Condensate Tank
  2.1 LPG loading : The Mixed LPG in each tank is transferred to Jetty no.1 LPG loader loading to vessels and to Dom Gas
  2.2 Condensate loading : The Condensate is transferred to Jetty no,1 Condensate loader loading to vessels and to RU3