PT Perta Samtan Gas | Perta Samtan Gas Gave Donations to Build a Musholla and Tahfiz & Dhuafa House
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Perta Samtan Gas Gave Donations to Build a Musholla and Tahfiz & Dhuafa House

PRABUMULIH – A form of company concern, PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PS Gas) to the surrounding community. PS GAS gave a number of donations in the form of assistance to build a musholla, tahfiz house, and dhuafa (poor people).

This activity is in the context of Turn Around 2020, not only giving donations, PS Gas also held a prayer together by inviting Ustadz Abdul Rozal at the Extraction Plant to give tausiyah.

“We deliberately held a prayer together, to ask for prayers that our production target (PS Gas) can be achieved. Not only that, we can still contribute to the development and welfare of the community around the company, ”said the President Director (PD), Waluyo. Tamarudin received the donation for building assistance for the construction of the Nur Siantap Musollah, and the donation of the tahfiz and dhuafa houses for Darul Mubin, Ustad Syamsudi.

“Hopefully our donation will be useful and useful for the recipient,” he admitted.

He continued, giving donations and assistance is the responsibility of the company. Admittedly, the company routinely disburses it to the surrounding community. PS Gas also planed to build a mosque around the refinery for the community.

“So far, through the CSR program, we distribute routinely the donations and assistance to the community. As a form of company contribution, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, Tamaruddin, the recipient of the musholla construction assistance, thanked to PS Gas for the contribution of PS Gas to the community.

“We will take care of this mosque well. Because, it is very beneficial for the community to carry out their worship, “he concluded.