PT Perta Samtan Gas | Company Philosophy
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The World’s Leading Company in LPG & Gas Industry
Keyword   Meaning
The world’s Leading Company : Future Status – in Indonesia and/or overseas
LPG & Gas Industry : Business Domain – LPG and other gas products
We deliver the best added value to shareholders, employees, and Indonesian societiesA�through high efficiency and competitiveness based on safety, environment priorities.
Keyword   Meaning
Best added value : Business of processing, providing service and infrastructure business related with Processed Gas sector
Shareholders, employees, Indonesian societies : The company’s reason for existence is to contribute to shareholders, employees, and the local community.
High efficiency, competitiveness : Providing services by optimizing the Company internal resource and Processed Gas facilities
Safety, environment priorities : Safety and the environment are considered top priority
Core Value
Professional : Continuously seeking self-improvement and having professionalism
Safety, Health, Environment : Concern to safety, health & environment during all the activities
Good Corporate Governance : Be managed by principles of good corporate governance
Achieve Profit : Maximize profit to maintain company sustainability
Satisfaction of Customer : Commitment to customer satisfaction
Internal perspective : Excellence operation based on productivity and reliability of plant
Care for safety, health & environment and communities for mutual success
Continuously improve our capabilities to be a professional leader in our field
External perspective : Provide the highest level of customer satisfaction what we can do
Give the prosperity to all of our stakeholders by sustain development