PT Perta Samtan Gas | Policy QHSSE Excellence Management System PT Perta-Samtan Gas – South Sumatera NGL Plant
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PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PSGAS) is a Company engaged in the processing and refining of natural gas become LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) & Condensate products, especially in South Sumatera Area, The company realize the risk involved and the impact of plant operations to personnel, information to the neighboring community, to the environment, asset, data information, and to product quality. Company therefore commits to promoting, maintaining and improving efforts to uphold and implement the Integrated Management System consistently with the objectives of NIHIL Incident / Accident in managing aspects of Occupational Health & Safety, Process Safety, Environmental Protection, Quality Control and Security, are:  Commitment to fulfillment or beyond compliance with laws and regulations and other applicable requirements.


Identify, evaluate, risk control and risk monitoring to prevent incidents to workers, assets, information and environment as well as major accidents / disasters (Major Accidents) in the company business activities

Continuous implementation and ensure the understanding of employees & third party regarding the company’s life saving rules and HSSE golden rules as the way of life of the company in every activity of the company operation area.

Creating a positive work environment, free from fear or blame for incident reporting including near miss / hazard events as well as risky / insecure employee action.


Manage the achievement of the best operational standards, implement proven best practices and set measurable targets.


Annual company performance reporting transparency for all stakeholders.

Meet or exceed customer expectations and create shared values ​​and harmonious relationships among workers, local communities and stakeholders.

Increasing the professionalism competence, integrity, quality and working habit of high competence Human Resources.


Making QHSSE performance of personnel, assets, Company information data in appraisal and appreciation of all employees.


Aspects of Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, Process Safety, Environmental Protection, Security and social are the responsibility of every employee, third party and top management to be directly responsible and make continuous improvements in the implementation of this policy.


This policy is documented, applied, maintained, reviewed periodically, and communicated to those who are working for the company, and is available for public review.