PT Perta Samtan Gas | Goal target managing QHSSE & process safety excellence
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 PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PSGAS) is a Company engaged in the processing and refining of natural gas become LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) & Condensate products, especially in South Sumatera Area, The company realize the risk involved and the impacf of plant operations to personnel, information to the neighboring community, to the environment, asset, data information, and to product quality. Company therefore commits to promoting, maintaining and enhancing efforts to enforce and implement a sustainable Integrated Management System consistently and in line with the corporate HSSE policies of Pertamina Persero, Pertamina Gas and PGN-SHG with the aim of NIHIL Incident/Accident in managing aspects of Quality, Occupational Health, Work Safety, Process Safety, Environmental/community Protection, Security, Social and Asset Integrity, as well as reputation/company image according to the corporate value AKHLAK ​​to support the business in achieving the goals, vision and mission of the Company by: 

    1. Reduce number and severity of incidents, accidents, injuries and illnesses of Company and Partners;
    2. Prevent major accidents and reduce their consequences by implementing process safety and asset integrity management;
    3. Prevent security events and reduce the occurrence & losses from any potential security threat in accordance with human rights principles;
    4. Use energy more efficiently and reduce GHG & non GHG emission by energy conservation, program, flaring reduction initiative and promoting renewable energy;
    5. Prevent environment pollution with 4R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recovery) principles implementation by effluent discharge quality improvement, hazardous & non-hazardous waste handling, eco-friendly material promoting, natural resources utilization including water efficiency and oil spill prevention;
    6. Promote biodiversity conservation by integrating biodiversity aspect into Company activities to archive net positive impact;


Goals and Objectives in managing aspects of Quality, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, Process Safety, Environmental Protection, Social Community, and other aspects, Security, implemented, maintained, reviewed regularly, communicated to all people who work for the company and made available to stakeholder’s necessary interests.