PT Perta Samtan Gas | CSR Photo
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CSR Photo

Kumbang Bayang Coconut Shell Charcoal Joint Business Group


To Improve Community’s Business around the PT Perta-Samtan Gas refinery, Community Empowerment CSR Program of PT Perta-Samtan Gas provides assistance to Joint Group of Kumbang Bayang in the form of 15.000 Coconut Shell Bags, 5 Trolleys, and 5 Tarpaulins as a venture capital for coconut shell charcoal business.

National Trash Day


In the National Trash Day, PT Perta-Samtan Gas received awards from Prabumulih Mayor Mr. Ir. H. Ridho Yahya M.M. The reward was accepted by Mr. Harry Maradona as External Relations of PT Perta-Samtan Gas for its active role in reducing trash consumption and trash processing in Prabumulih city through Koppaja Pangkul Trash Bank.

First Harvest Activities at Watermelon Orchard Nurtured by PT Pertamina Samtan Gas


Watermelon harvest was attended by Headman of Anak Petai and staff, representatives of PT Pertamina-Samtan Gas, and local communities

Biodiversity Program

Biodiversity is vital and important for all life on earth as a biotic component in the ecosystem. Efforts to preserve biodiversity as part of the ecosystem should be intensified because its role in maintaining ecosystem balance and providing ecosystem services. Ecosystem balance and services will be sustainable if the existence of biodiversity can be preserved. By monitoing biodiversity on a regular basis, it will be more likely to utilize the biodiversity and ecosystem of the region.
Observation of flora and fauna biodiversity at the site in Prabumulih City Forest Conservation Areavtogether with Prabumulih city government. The conservation area is a forest area in Prabumulih City and will be developed as an ecotourism area under the management of PT Perta-Samtan Gas and Prabumulih City Government.

House Reconstruction


Not eligible houses reconstruction conducted by PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PSGAS) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, 2 (two) not eligible houses (RTLH) belonging to Mrs. Juliani, the resident of Kumbang Bayang Street RT 02 RW 03 and Mr. Zaenal, addressed at Bougenville Muara Tiga RT 03 RW 02 in Anak Petai Sub-District , North Prabumulih District, Prabumulih City. 

The RTLH program is a continuation of the Prabumulih Municipal Government Program in alleviating poverty by improving  the  living  standards  of  the  community. 

Mass Circumcision and Blood Donation


In the series of PT Perta Samtan Gas (PSGAS) 9th anniversary celebration, PSGAS Extraction Refinery conducted social activities such as mass circumcision and blood donation. Mass Circumcision activities are followed by children around PSGAS Extraction Refinery and prabumulih society.  There were 45 children who succeeded in circumcision in collaboration with the Puskesmas Mangga Besar Prabumulih.

Blood donation activities collected 39 bags of blood from PSGAS’ employees in cooperation with PMI Prabumulih City.