PT Perta Samtan Gas | National Seminar at Jambi University
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National Seminar at Jambi University

Jambi, PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PSGAS) participated in a National Seminar at Jambi University, Vice President Director (VPD) of PSGAS Mr. Aris Mahendrawanto was the speaker with the theme Chemical Effort 2017: “The Role of Industry and Innovation in the Management of the Environment in Achieving Sustainable Development “.

The Seminar was held at Balairung Jambi University on September 30, 2017, this activity was carried out by the Chemical Engineering Student Association of Jambi University.

As a contribution of PSGAS in Education, Saturday (30/9) VPD PSGAS become speaker at Chemical Effort Seminar 2017 with theme “Role of Industry and Innovation in Management of Environment in Realizing Sustainable Development” held by Jambi University.

VPD PSGAS Aris Mahendrawanto explained that the industry has an important role and innovation in environmental management and realizing sustainable development. Currently PSGAS in environmental management has implemented ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system which has been certified by TuV Nord and implemented CSR 26000: 2010.

The current education should be more implementing science gained and adapted to the industry so that students are ready to face the competition of the fast-paced industrial world. This activity also aims to introduce PSGas widely in education world.

Besides VPD PSGAS Aris Mahendrawanto, Harry Maradona (External Relations) and Ristian January (Jr Process Engineer) also become speaker at the seminar.