PT Perta Samtan Gas | Understanding Biodiversity
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Understanding Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a complex unity of life in a certain region, above the surface of the earth. its discussion term covering all life forms, which can be scientifically grouped according to the scale of their biological organization.

The Importance of Biodiversity :

  • One type is unable to perform various functions in supporting a life.
  • Harmonious life will occur when each component performs its function properly, and each component cannot replace other components.It helps us understand how life evolves and continues to grow.

The various benefits provided by Biodiversity according to supporting human life on earth are :

  • Need, as a food source in agriculture, livestock, fish and seafood.
  • Biomedical Health and Research: coral reefs are home to thousands of species that can be developed into medicines to safeguard human health and to treat and cure diseases.
  • Balance of life and Industry: textiles, construction materials, cosmetics, etc.
  • Esther, Tourism and recreation: Beaches, forests, parks, ecotourism.
  • Bank balances to all life forms on earth.

Indonesia is one Mega-biodiversity Country of 12 Mega-biodiversity Countries which contains about 75% of the Earth’s biodiversity are Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, China, India, Australia and Malaysia. Therefore, Indonesia has a special responsibility to conserve and manage biodiversity in Indonesia.

Given the importance of biodiversity for life, what should be done is protecting, preserving, and developing the biodiversity of a particular region based on geographical considerations. Maintaining the diversity of ecosystems, species diversity and species gene diversity in each ecosystem, means maintaining the life tissue that sustains all living things.

In his 1992 best-seller, “The Diversity of Life” Harvard University Biologist Edward O. Wilson – known as the “father of biodiversity” said, “It is reckless to assume that biodiversity can be reduced indefinitely without threatening humanity itself”.

Biodiversity is an important part of ecological services that make life habitable on Earth. When biodiversity is disturbed, the feasibility of life is disturbed as well.

When the biodiversity is destroyed and vanished, the earth is also lost and destroyed. And it is no longer fit for habitation.