PT Perta Samtan Gas | Steps to Build a Safety Culture
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Steps to Build a Safety Culture

Building  SAFETY Culture in the work area is a continuous process, it requires the support of all the lines. A positive attitude in developing Workplace Safety and Health (K3) will have a good impact in reducing the level of accidents in the work area.


Define Rule and Responsibility

Talk to all departments or sections about the roles and responsibilities toward all parts of safety. All levels of officer must have their respective roles and responsibilities in writing. Make the achievement of Safety as the KPI (key Performance Indicator) of each worker, so all of the employees have an interest in achieving safety performance.


Communicate Company Vision and Mission

Company Vision and Mission must be communicated to all employees, including to employees who become partners (sub contractor). Company Vision and Mission must include Workplace Safety and Health as the Goal that must be achieved. Vision and Mission must be written and signed by the highest officer in a company, and placed in an area that employees can read it easily.


Increase All Workers Accountability

Give the worker all the responsibilities to run the safety, create a responsible program so that all workers have accountability. Of course, this program must be measurable clearly, such as every employee must make a report of danger (Green Card / Stop Card / Hazard Report), JSA, HIRA, Inspection, Safety Talk, and so forth. Achievements must be calculated, so the performance of each level of workers on safety can be calculated.


Incident Reporting

Provide education and training to all workers about the importance of accident reporting, so workers are always willing to report all incidents experienced or seen. The report also covers almost misfortune or accident (near miss). Also teach all workers about Basic Life Support, Basic Fire Fighting, so workers are able to take immediate action while waiting for coming of the special team.


Review Accident Investigation System

Evaluate the Accident Check system as effective as posibble to find the root cause of the accident. Conduct training of all supervisors, so they can do investigate properly, because supervisors are the forefront knowing the situation and conditions of workers and work areas. Analyze all reports of accident checks, check out clumsiness and possible nonconformity of the accident cases causes.


Provide Communications Center

Give other options to support all employees providing feedback on improving safety at the company, always response these inputs, because if it does not, it will make employees will not be willing to give feedback again and tend to be indifferent to all the company programs.


Build Trust

It is need trust from all levels of workers in running the Workplace Safety and Health Program in a corporate environment, so build trust slowly. Make changes by changes with fully consideration, because the changes made suddenly will create a shock to the working atmosphere and decrease workers confidence. Building trust also can provide motivation or enthusiasm to all workers in implementing safety programs.