PT Perta Samtan Gas | Water Tank Aid to Masjid Al-Mukmin
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Water Tank Aid to Masjid Al-Mukmin

Prabumulih Masjid is becoming a community center in many place in Indonesia where the majority of the population is Muslim. Problems come if the availability of water is not sufficient, especially in the Dry Season, as experienced by Masjid Al-Mukmin Muara Tiga Anggrek Street RT 01 RW 02 Kampung Petai Village District North Prabumulih, Prabumulih City.

PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PS Gas) through CSR Care Program in the Social Sector, especially in spiritual field, provided assistance in the form of a water tank with 2.200 Liter capacity to Al-Mu’min Mosque on June 22, 2017. GM PS Gas, Syaiful Anwar said through External Relations PS Gas Harry Maradona, that PS Gas cares about the citizens around the company, CSR Program should improve the welfare of the surrounding community.

Chairman of Masjid Al-Mukmin said that the aid of a tank of water reservoir measuring 2.200 Liter is very helpful to the surrounding residents, this shelter is supporting in wudu and other activities in masjid, especially with regard to the provision clean water.