PT Perta Samtan Gas | Iftar Event 2017
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Iftar Event 2017

Prabumulih – To cultivate the love to Ramdhan, increase piety and make it a momentum in increasing brotherhood and social awareness, PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PS Gas) conducted iftar event with the theme “Self Improvement, Increase Goodwill, and Kindness Spreading” in Kampung Cemara Restaurant on June 15, 2017.

The speaker at the event was H. Lukman Hakim Idrus B.A. reminding that the month of Ramadan comes only once a year, so as not to become loser then this is the right time to improve, increase worship, and spread the goodness to get the blessings and rewards of the Creator.

While VP of PS Gas, Aris Mahendrawanto gave advice, even though workers is fasting but must keep the spirit and trying to increase gas production for fulfilling the needs of community. Furthermore the gas needs in the month of Ramadan is high enough. And also improving friendship and communication for better teamwork among workers.

The event was attended by Asset II General Manager PT Pertamina EP Ekariza, Presdir PS Gas Baek Weon Son, VP PS Gas Aris Marhendrawanto, GM PS Gas Syaiful Anwar, and workers of PS Gas.