PT Perta Samtan Gas | Family Gathering 2017
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Family Gathering 2017

Palembang – Entering the age of 9 years on May 07, 2017 PT Perta-Samtan Gas (PSGAS) carried out Family Gathering attended by good employees in Sungai Gerong and Prabumulih, located at Dining Hall Wisma Atlet Jakabaring Palembang Sumatra-south.

At the event, signing of MoU Scholarship between PSGAS with Sriwijaya University (UNSRI) was conducted directly by the President Director of PSGAS W.S Baek with the representative of UNSRI Rector. Also PSGAS CSR Aid of 25 Hectares Lease Assistance directly given by W.S Baek to the Representatives of Farmers and Local Government Banyu Asin.

Various activities to enliven Family Gathering 2017 such as interested games followed by all employees and their families, live musical entertainment was flowing throughout the event lively and kinship.

The Company also rewarded the best employees in several categories such as the Best in House Training to Firman Oktahariansyah, Piter Firmansyah. The best Key Performance Indicator to Rudi and Melky Datuela. And the Best Team to Operation Fractionation and Commercial team.

Tumpeng cutting was done at the peak of the event as a gratitude and happiness by President Director W.S Baek, Vice President Aris Mahendra Wanto and GM Operation Syaiful Anwar, witnessed by all participants Family Gathering.