PT Perta Samtan Gas | CSR Photo
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CSR Photo

Kumbang Bayang Coconut Shell Charcoal Joint Business Group


To Improve Community’s Business around the PT Perta-Samtan Gas refinery, Community Empowerment CSR Program of PT Perta-Samtan Gas provides assistance to Joint Group of Kumbang Bayang in the form of 15.000 Coconut Shell Bags, 5 Trolleys, and 5 Tarpaulins as a venture capital for coconut shell charcoal business.

National Trash Day


In the National Trash Day, PT Perta-Samtan Gas received awards from Prabumulih Mayor Mr. Ir. H. Ridho Yahya M.M. The reward was accepted by Mr. Harry Maradona as External Relations of PT Perta-Samtan Gas for its active role in reducing trash consumption and trash processing in Prabumulih city through Koppaja Pangkul Trash Bank.

First Harvest Activities at Watermelon Orchard Nurtured by PT Pertamina Samtan Gas


Watermelon harvest was attended by Headman of Anak Petai and staff, representatives of PT Pertamina-Samtan Gas, and local communities